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Nextel (Motorola) ic402 Batteries
nextel ic402-the-blend cell phone batteries
Qty: Our Low Price $6.95
Nextel (Motorola) ic402 Batteries
Compatible cell phones:
Motorola Adventure v750, Sidekick Slide (Nextel) i335, The Blend ic402, Clutch i465, The Buzz ic502, i890, Renegade v950.

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Nextel (Motorola) ic402 Battery - Standard, Li-ION, 1100mAh Details:
This Battery Replaces: BK71, SNN5828A, SNN5828, BK70 SNN5792A, SNN5792, SNN5823A, SNN5823
Battery Type: LiION
Battery Capacity: 1100mAh
Voltage: 3.7V
Weight: 19 grams
Size: 45mm x 37mm
Battery Thickness: 5mm
Battery Color: Internal
Battery SKU: BTMO-I502-ALIN21
Retail Price: $39.95
Our LOW Price: $6.95
Order Qty:  
Nextel (Motorola) ic402 Battery - Standard, Li-ION, 1100mAh Compatibility:
Cell Phone Series: This battery fits the following Nextel cell phone models:
Danger Sidekick Slide Sidekick Slide, Slide
Motorola Adventure v750 Adventure, Adventure v750, v 750, v750
Motorola Clutch i465 Clutch, Clutch i465, i465
Motorola i335 i 335, i335
Motorola i890 i890
Motorola ic402 / The Blend ic 402, ic402, The Blend
Motorola ic502 / The Buzz ic 502, ic502, The Buzz
Motorola Renegade v950 Renegade, Renegade v950, v950
Motorola Sidekick Slide Sidekick Slide, Slide
Nextel i335 (Motorola) i335, i335
Nextel Clutch i465 (Motorola) Clutch i465, Clutch, i465
Nextel i890 i890
Nextel ic402 / The Blend (Motorola) ic402, 402, ic 402, ic-402, ic402, The Blend
Nextel ic502 / The Buzz (Motorola) ic502, 502, ic 502, ic-502, ic502, The Buzz
Nextel Renegade v950 (Motorola) Renegade v950, Renegade, v950
Sidekick Slide Slide

Nextel Cell Phone Accessories:
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(Motorola) ic402 Cases (Motorola) ic402 Desktop Chargers
(Motorola) ic402 Mobile Headsets (Motorola) ic402 Spare Battery Chargers
(Motorola) ic402 Travel Chargers (Motorola) ic402 Universal Accessories

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"I ordered a cell phone battery for my wife's phone (a Nokia BLC2). It seems to be working fine, but what impressed me most was the quick delivery time! I ordered it on 10/28/13 and we received on 10/30/13-just two days! That is faster than I can get a letter to the person down the street! If I need another battery in the future, you will no doubt be on top of my list to order from with hopefully the same results. Thank you."


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