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LG vx 8300 Batteries (SBPL0075701, SBPL0081101, SBPL0080601)
lg vx8300 cell phone batteries
Qty: Our Low Price $21.95
LG vx 8300 Batteries (SBPL0075701, SBPL0081101, SBPL0080601)
Compatible LG cell phones:
vi125, ux210, pm325, ax390, ax355, ax490, ux355, mm535, vx3200, vx3300, vx3400, vx3450, vx4650, vx4700, ax4750, ux4750, ax5000, ux5000, vx5200, vx5300, vx6100, 6200, vx8100, vx8300.

(Requires extended battery cover. Please call 800-300-9993 for assistance)
1 Year Warranty!
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LG vx 8300 Battery - OEM Extended, Li-ION, 1700mAh (SBPL0075701, SBPL0081101, SBPL0080601) Details:
Cell Phone Talk Time: Up to 336 minutes
Cell Phone Standby Time: Up to 306 hours
OEM Part Number: SBPL0075701
Other OEM Part Numbers SBPL0081101, SBPL0080601
Battery Type: LiION
Battery Capacity: 1700 mAh
Weight: 70 grams
Size: 352mm x 34mm
Battery Thickness: 10 mm
Battery Color: Internal
Battery SKU: BTLG-3200-MLIN22
Retail Price: $69.95
Our LOW Price: $21.95
Order Qty:  
LG vx 8300 Battery - OEM Extended, Li-ION, 1700mAh (SBPL0075701, SBPL0081101, SBPL0080601) Compatibility:
Cell Phone Series: This battery fits the following LG cell phone models:
LG ax355 355, ax 355, ax-355, ax355
LG ax390 390, ax 390, ax-390, ax390
LG ax490 490, ax 490, ax-490, ax490
LG ax5000 / ux5000 5000, ax 5000, ax-5000, ax5000 / ax5000a, ux 5000, ux-5000, ux5000
LG mm535 / 535 535, mm535
LG pm325 / 325 325, pm 325, pm325
LG ux355 355, ux 355, ux-355, ux355
LG vx 3200 / 3200 3200, vx 3200, vx3200
LG vx3300 / 3300 3300, vx 3300, vx-3300, vx3300
LG vx3400 / vx3450 / ux210 3400, 3450, vx-3400, vx-3450, vx3400, vx3450
LG vx4700 / ax4750 ax4750, ux4750, vx4650, vx4700
LG vx5200 / 6200 5200, 6200, vx 5200, vx-5200, vx5200
LG vx5300 5300, vx 5300, vx-5300, vx5300
LG vx6100 / 6100 6100, vx 6100, vx6100
LG vx8100 / 8100 8100, vx 8100, vx-8100, vx8100
LG vx8300 8300, vx 8300, vx-8300, vx8300

(Not compatible with ux210 phone. Requires extended battery cover.)
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