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Battery Care Instructions

Charging your New Battery -- Your new battery will likely arrive uncharged. It is not uncommon for a battery to have a slight charge remaining from the manufacturing and/or testing process. Regardless of initial charge your battery will always need to be conditioned. Please thoroughly read the battery care instruction below before using your battery for the first time.

1. Remove all packaging. Some batteries are shrink-wrapped with a clear cellophane wrapper. This wrapper will need to be completely removed before charging.

2. Install the battery in your phone. It is not uncommon for your phone's battery meter to give a false reading of the battery's charge (i.e. the wrong number of bars) until the completion of three charging cycles.

3. Charge your battery over night (8-12 hours) for the first 3-5 cycles. See battery chemistry specific charging information below for more specific information regarding your battery. To find the chemistry of your battery, look at the battery label or battery description on your order packing slip.

Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries -- For the First Three Charge Cycles, be sure to charge a NiMH battery fully and drain it fully before recharging, this is called deep cycling. You can do so by using the phone or leaving it on until it is completely drained and turns off. This will properly condition the battery and will ensure that it will operate at its maximum capacity. NiMH Batteries need to be deep cycled once every 3 months or every 40 charge cycles to prevent the "memory effect". This is recommended for all Ni-MH batteries.

Lithium Ion (Li-ION) batteries -- Charge time may be less than NiMH batteries and Li-ION batteries do not require deep cycling.

Lithium Polymer (Li-Poly) batteries -- are the newest chemistry of battery. Please follow the same recommendations for the Li-ION battery above.

Battery Care Advice:


  • Use a charger designed to work with your phone.
  • Charge batteries at room temperature.
  • Follow charging instructions above.


  • Never Freeze a battery.
  • Do not Short Circuit, Crush, Drop, Penetrate, Expose to High Temperature or Disassemble any battery.
  • Never come in contact with the fluid or gel within any battery. If exposure occurs, flush with water for 15 min.

Cell Phone Battery Care

Helpful Hints

  • Batteries prefer a shallow discharge. Don't let your battery go dead or all the way down before charging. Cell phone batteries prefer charges after only part of the battery life has been drained.
  • When to replace your battery. Batteries have a finite number of charge cycles. The number of charge cycles in a battery's life varies dependent on chemistry, use, and depth of discharge per cycle. NiMH batteries typically have 200-300 charge cycles. Li-ION have 500-1000 depending on the conditions listed above. A battery needs to be replaced when the ability to hold a charge diminishes. At the end of its life, a battery will hold a charge less and less.
  • Dirty battery contacts are the #1 source of charging problems. Clean the battery contacts with rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab from time to time. Make sure no cotton is left on the contact points.
  • Lithium based batteries should never get hot in the charger. If this happens the battery is faulty or the charger is not functioning properly. Discontinue using the battery or charger immediately. Please call us at 800-300-9993 with any questions.

Storage -- Always store batteries in a cool, dry place away from heat and metal objects. If you plan on storing your battery for future use, store the battery at partial charge. Batteries are not intended to be stored for more than one year. If you have multiple batteries for an application, rotate the batteries regularly. And remember, NiMH batteries will self discharge and should be deep cycled every 3 months. Drain your battery until it is completely dead then charge fully for 12 hours.���  Repeat for 3 charge cycles. This will assure that your NiMH battery will last longer.

Proper Battery Disposal -- To recycle your battery, you can return it to the original place of purchase or call the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corp. (rbrc.org) at 1-800-8-BATTERY for a battery drop off location near you. Batteries4less.com also will accept any rechargeable battery for recycling.
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