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Valentines Day Tips for Men

5 Valentine's Day Apps to Melt Her Heart

Tick. Tock. It's time to figure out how to let your sweetie know that you love her! The question at hand is, do you just want to merely survive Valentines Day this year or do you want to be her rock star?  

What might she be hoping for? Of course, there are typical gifts to woo her heart:

  • Candlelight dinner
  • Couples massage
  • Lovely lingerie
  • Chocolates, flowers, and a loving card

But if you want to go beyond typical this year, you can use the internet to find all manner of creative and personalized love tokens.

Make Your Own Valentine

Even if you arent the most creative guy in the room, you can make your own valentine to send through email or for a more public display, to share on Facebook. You can even print it and send it through Snail Mail. But you'd better hurry for this iPhone option.

For Android users, you might send a love poem. Choose from 100 options on this free Love Poem app.

100+ Great Date-night ideas

This article is chock-full of suggestions that can make any evening special! Expand your imagination and extend your Valentine's Day celebration through the rest of the year!

Thirty Day Relationship Challenge

Get this free Android app from the Google play store.

Here's something totally different and possibly very romantic, every day for a month... it all depends on how motivated and creative you are. The app reminds you to do something romantic, special, or sweet everyday for 30 days. Life coaches and couples therapists have recommended such activities to add heart and meaning to relationships. The app has a daily reminder and makes suggestions. The practices may not be anything unusual, but when you do something every day - it gets noticed!

Talking Teddy Bear

This app is only for those who can thoroughly handle the height of cuteness... it could be the cutest app ever, and if you call your true love "honey" perhaps it's for her. The bear loves to be tickled, he repeats what you say, he plays instruments, and he dances. He's quite the talented guy. You can find him at the itunes store.You can also get a talking teddy bear for your Android phone.  

Be ready to be tickled.


This app allows you collect great memories of fun and precious moments, all in one place. It's a collection the two of you can share and add on to.

In addition to the photo collage, there's a calendar for coordinating your busy lives, making romantic dates, and creating a list for remembering who is supposed to get what at the grocery store or hardware counter... what could be more romantic than that?! You can even create wish lists so that you and your honey are always on the mark with gifts and surprises...

FInally, there's the Thumbkiss for when your lips can't actually touch. Just meet your partner online and match thumbs on the screen. Sweet!

Get the app free for your iPhone or Android cell phone.

Whatever you plan for Valentine's Day, remember, if she knows you love her every day of the year, you win!

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