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HP Pavilion DV7 Laptop Replacement Battery
HP HP7028LH Laptop Replacement Battery
Qty: Our Low Price $59.95
HP Pavilion DV7 Laptop Replacement Battery
Replacember for HP / Compaq OEM Laptop Battery Part Numbers: 464058-121, 464058-141, 464058-161, 464058-251, 464058-361, 464058-362, 464059-121, 464059-122, 464059-141, 464059-142, 464059-161, 464059-221, 464059-252, 464059-361, 464059-362, 480385-001, 497705-001, 497705-001, 509422-001, 516354-001, 516355-001, DYNA-CHA-LOC, GA04, GA06, GA06047, GA08, HSTNN-C50C, HSTNN-Q34C.

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HP / Compaq Laptop Replacement Battery (HP DV7-8H) - 8 Cell, 4400mAh Details:
This Battery Replaces: HP7028LH, HSTNN-IB75, HSTNN-IB74, HSTNN-C50C, HSTNN-Q35C, HSTNN-DB74, HSTNN-DB75, HSTNN-OB75, 464059-121, 480385-001, 497705-001, 464059-141, 464058-121, KS525AA, DYNA-CHA-LOC, DQ-HSTNN-IB75
Battery Type: LiION
Battery Capacity: 4400mAh
Weight: 463 grams
Battery Color: Black
Retail Price: $132.95
Our LOW Price: $59.95
Order Qty:  
HP / Compaq Laptop Replacement Battery (HP DV7-8H) - 8 Cell, 4400mAh Compatibility:
Laptop Series: This battery fits the following HP laptop models:
Compaq Presario CQ Presario CQ71
HP HDX HDX 16t, HDX X16-1000, HDX X18
HP Pavilion DV7 Pavilion DV7, Pavilion DV7-1000, Pavilion DV7-1001, Pavilion DV7-1002, Pavilion DV7-1003, Pavilion DV7-1020, Pavilion DV7-1123ca, Pavilion DV7-1128ca, Pavilion DV7-1130, Pavilion DV7-1134, Pavilion DV7-1137, Pavilion DV7-1150, Pavilion DV7-1153ca, Pavilion DV7-1170, Pavilion DV7-1174ca, Pavilion DV7-1177ca, Pavilion DV7-1240us, Pavilion DV7-1270, Pavilion DV7-1270ca, Pavilion DV7-2011TX, Pavilion DV7T, Pavilion DV7T-1000, Pavilion DV7Z, Pavilion DV7Z-1000

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