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UTStarcom Batteries
utstarcom cdm-8915 cell phone batteries
Qty: Our Low Price $14.95
UTStarcom Batteries
Compatible UTStarcom cell phone phones:
Audiovox (UTStarcom) cdm 8915, Snapper (Pantech) pn 212, pn 215, pn 300.

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Audiovox (UTStarcom) cdm 8915 / Snapper (Pantech) pn 212 / pn 215 / pn 300 Battery - Standard, Li-ION, 850mAh Details:
This Battery Replaces: BTR8915, PBR215
Battery Type: LiION
Battery Capacity: 850 mAh
Weight: 46 grams
Battery Thickness: 0 mm
Battery Color: Dark Gray
Battery SKU: BTAV-8915-ALIN31
Retail Price: $39.95
Our LOW Price: $14.95
Order Qty:  
Audiovox (UTStarcom) cdm 8915 / Snapper (Pantech) pn 212 / pn 215 / pn 300 Battery - Standard, Li-ION, 850mAh Compatibility:
Cell Phone Series: This battery fits the following UTStarcom cell phone models:
Audiovox cdm 8915 8915, cdm 8915, cdm-8915, cdm8915, Snapper
Pantech pn 215 / pn 212 212, 215, pn 212, pn 215, pn 300, pn-212, pn-215, pn-300, pn212, pn215, pn300
UTStarcom cdm 8915 8915, cdm 8915, cdm-8915, cdm8915

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