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Ericsson t28 / r300lx Travel Chargers
sony-ericsson t60-t61 cell phone travel-chargers
Qty: Our Low Price $6.48
Ericsson t28 / r300lx Travel Chargers


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Cell Phone Product Details:
Weight: 64 grams
Color: Black
Retail Price: $29.95
Our LOW Price: $6.48
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Sony Ericsson t28 / r300lx Series - Standard Travel Charger Compatibility:
Cell Phone Series: This item fits the following Sony Ericsson cell phone models:
Sony Ericsson k700i / 700i 700i, k 700i, k700i
Sony Ericsson p800 p 800, p802, p900, p908
Sony Ericsson p910 910, 910i, p910, p910i
Sony Ericsson r300 / a2618 a2218, a2218z, a2618, r300, r3001z, r300d, r300lx, r300z
Sony Ericsson t100 t 100, t100
Sony Ericsson t226 t 226, t226
Sony Ericsson t237 / t290a t 237, t 290a, t237, t290a
Sony Ericsson t28 / t39 r520, t10, t10s, t28, t28 World Phone, t28z, t39, t39m
Sony Ericsson t300 / t306 t 300, t 306, t300
Sony Ericsson t60 / t61 t 60, t 61, t60, t60d, t60lx, t61, t61c, t61lx, t61z, t62u
Sony Ericsson t606 t 606, t606
Sony Ericsson t610 t 608, t 610, t 616, t608, t610, t616
Sony Ericsson t637 637, t 637, t637
Sony Ericsson t66 t 66, t66
Sony Ericsson t68 t 68, t68
Sony Ericsson t68i t68 i, t68i
Sony Ericsson z 600 z600, z608
Sony Ericsson z200 z 200, z200
Sony Ericsson z500 / z500a 500, 500a, z 500, z 500a, z500, z500a

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