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Sanyo mm5600 Travel Chargers
sanyo mm-5600 cell phone travel-chargers
Qty: Our Low Price $9.97
Sanyo mm5600 Travel Chargers


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Cell Phone Product Details:
Weight: 155 grams
Color: Black
Retail Price: $29.95
Our LOW Price: $9.97
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Naztech 3-IN-1 Mobile Charger for Sanyo Phones (Rapid charger uniquely combines an AC adapter for wall outlets, a DC adapter for car receptacles and a USB cable to charge through computers.. Package includes: Charger, USB charging cable, protective cover and storage pouch.) Compatibility:
Cell Phone Series: This item fits the following Sanyo cell phone models:
Sanyo Katana / scp 6600 6600, Katana, scp 6600, scp-6600
Sanyo Katana DLX / scp 8500 Katana DLX, scp 8500
Sanyo m1 m 1, m1
Sanyo mm 5600 mm 5600, mm-5600, mm5600
Sanyo mm 7500 7500, mm 7500, mm-7500, mm7500
Sanyo mm 8300/ 8300 8300, mm 8300, mm-8300, mm8300
Sanyo mm 9000 9000, mm 9000, mm-9000, mm9000
Sanyo mm7400 / 7400 7400, mm 7400, mm7400
Sanyo RL4920 4920, RL 4920, RL4920
Sanyo scp 200 scp 200, scp-200, scp200
Sanyo scp 3200 scp 3200, scp3200
Sanyo scp 4900 4900, scp 4900, scp-4900, scp4900
Sanyo scp 5300 5300, scp 5300, scp-5300, scp5300
Sanyo scp 5400 RL2500, scp 5400
Sanyo scp 7200 RL2000, scp 7200
Sanyo scp 7300 RL7300, scp 7300
Sanyo scp 8100 8100, scp 8100, scp-8100, scp8100
Sanyo vi 2300 2300, vi 2300, vi-2300, vi2300
Sanyo vm4500 scp 5500, scp5500, vm 4500, vm4500
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