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Samsung Travel Chargers (TAD137VSE, ATADV10JBEB, ATADV10JBE)
samsung sph-a900-mm-a900 cell phone travel-chargers
Qty: Our Low Price $14.95
Samsung Travel Chargers (TAD137VSE, ATADV10JBEB, ATADV10JBE)
1 Year Warranty!
30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
Cell Phone Product Details:
Weight: 74 grams
Color: Black
OEM Part Number: TAD137VSE
Other OEM Part Numbers: ATADV10JBEB, ATADV10JBE
Retail Price: $39.95
Our LOW Price: $14.95
Order Qty :  
Samsung OEM Travel Charger (TAD137VSE, TAD137VSEB, ATADV10JBE) - sgh d307 / sch a310 / sch n370 / sch u340 / sch u520 / sch a530 / sch u540 / sch u550 / sch a570 / sch a580 / sch a610 / sch a630 / sch a645 / sch a650 / sch a670 / sch a790 / ip a790 / sch a795 / sch a850 / sch a870 / Siren / sch a890 / sch a930 / sch a950 / sch a970 / sch a990 / sgh e105 / sgh x105 / sgh p100 / sgh p107 / sgh v205 / sgh p207 / sgh r225 / r225m / sgh s300 / sgh s307 / sgh e310 / sgh e315 / sgh e316 / sgh e317 / sgh e335 / sgh d347 / sgh d357 / sgh d407 / sgh d410 / sgh d415 / sgh c416 / sgh c417 / sgh x426 / sgh x427 / sgh x495 / sgh x497 / sgh x507 / sgh n625 / sgh e715 / sgh p730 / sgh p735 / sph m500 / mm a900 / sph a900 / sph a920 / mm a920 / sph a960 Compatibility:
Cell Phone Series: This item fits the following Samsung cell phone models:
Samsung r225 r 225, r225, r225m, r255, sgh r225, sgh r225m
Samsung sch a310 a310, sch a310
Samsung sch a610 a 610, a610, sch a610, scha610
Samsung sch a630 / a630 630, a-630, a630, sch a 630, sch a630, sch-a630
Samsung sch a645 645, a-645, a645, sch a645, sch-a645
Samsung sch a650 sch a 650, sch a650
Samsung sch a670 a670, sch a 670, sch a670
Samsung sch a790 / sch a795 / ip a790 ip a790, sch a790, sch a795
Samsung sch a850 / a850 850, a 850, a850, sch a 850, sch a850, sch-a850
Samsung sch a870 / Siren 870, a-870, a870, sch a870, sch-a870
Samsung sch a890 / a890 a890, sch a890
Samsung sch a930 930, a930, sch a930, sch-a930
Samsung sch a950 / a950 950, a 950, a950, sch a 950, sch a950, sch-a950
Samsung sch a970 / a970 970, a 970, a970, sch a 970, sch a970, sch-a970
Samsung sch a990 990, a-990, a990, sch a990, sch-a990
Samsung sch n370 sch n370, sph n370
Samsung sch u340 340, sch u340, sch-u340, u-340, u340
Samsung sch u410 sch u410, u410
Samsung sch u520 520, sch u520, sch-u520, u-520, u520
Samsung sch u540 540, sch u540, u540
Samsung sch u550 sch u550, u550
Samsung sgh d307 d307, sgh d307
Samsung sgh d357 357, d-357, d357, sgh d357, sgh-d357
Samsung sgh d407 / sgh d347 347, 407, d347, d407, sgh d347, sgh d407, sgh-347, sgh-d407
Samsung sgh d410 / sgh d415 sgh d410, sgh d415
Samsung sgh e105 e105, sgh e105
Samsung sgh e335 e335, sgh e335
Samsung sgh e715 sgh e710, sgh e715
Samsung sgh n625 n625, sgh n625
Samsung sgh p100 / p107 sgh p100, sgh p107
Samsung sgh p207 / p207 207, p 207, p-207, sgh p 207, sgh p207, sgh-p207
Samsung sgh s300 / s307 s300, sgh s307
Samsung sgh v205 sgh v200, sgh v205, sgh v206, v200, v205, v206
Samsung sgh x105 sgh x105
Samsung sgh x426 / sgh x427 sgh x426, sgh x427, sgh x427m
Samsung sgh x475 / x475 475, sgh x475, sghx475, x475
Samsung sgh x495 / sgh x497 495, 497, sgh x495, sgh x497, sgh-x495, sgh-x497, x 495, x 497, x495, x497
Samsung sgh x507 507, sgh x-507, sgh x507, sgh-x507
Samsung sph a580 580, a-580, a580, sph a580, sph-a580
Samsung sph a640 a640, sph a640
Samsung sph a900 / mm a900 900, a900, Blade, mm a900, mm-a900, sph a900, sph-a900
Samsung sph a920 / mm a920 920, a 920, a-920, a920, mm a920, mm-a920, sph a920, sph-a920
Samsung sph a960 / mm a960 a960, mm a960, sph a960
Samsung sph m500 500, m-500, m500, sph m500, sph-m500
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