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Samsung Mobile Headsets (AAEP305SBE, AAEP305SBEBSTD )
samsung eternity-sgh-a867 cell phone mobile-headsets
Qty: Our Low Price $6.95
Samsung Mobile Headsets (AAEP305SBE, AAEP305SBEBSTD )
Compatible Samsung cell phones:
Fin sph a513.

1 Year Warranty!
30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
Cell Phone Product Details:
Weight: 20 grams
Color: Black
OEM Part Number: AAEP305SBE
Other OEM Part Numbers: AAEP305SBEBSTD
Retail Price: $29.95
Our LOW Price: $6.95
Order Qty :  
Samsung OEM Earbud Mobile Headset (AAEP305SBE, AAEP305SBEBSTD)(With One Touch Send and End Button.) Compatibility:
Cell Phone Series: This item fits the following Samsung cell phone models:
Samsung Access sgh a827 a827, Access, Access sgh a827
Samsung Ace sph i325 Ace, Ace sph i325, i325
Samsung Behold sgh t919 Behold, Behold sgh t919, sgh t919, t919
Samsung BlackJack II sgh i617 BlackJack II, BlackJack II sgh i617, i617, sgh i617
Samsung Comeback sgh t559 Comeback, Comeback sgh t559, sgh t559, t559
Samsung Epix sgh i907 Epix, Epix sgh i907, i907, sgh i907
Samsung Eternity sgh a867 a867, Eternity, Eternity sgh a867, sgh a867
Samsung Fin sph a513 a513, Fin, Fin sph a513, sph a513
Samsung Gravity 2 sgh t469 Gravity 2, Gravity 2 sgh t469, sgh t469, t469
Samsung Gravity 3 sgh t479 Gravity 3, Gravity 3 sgh t479, sgh t479, t479
Samsung Gravity sgh t459 Gravity, Gravity sgh t459, sgh t459, t459
Samsung Highlight sgh t749 Highlight, Highlight sgh t749, sgh t749, t749
Samsung Impression sgh a877 a877, AT&T Impression a877, Impression, Impression sgh a877, sgh a877
Samsung Jack sgh i637 i637, Jack, Jack sgh i637, sgh i637
Samsung Jitterbug J sph a310 a310, Jitterbug J, Jitterbug J sph a310, sph a310
Samsung Magnet sgh a257 a257, AT&T Magnet, Magnet, Magnet sgh a257, sgh a257
Samsung Mantra sph m340 m340, Mantra, Mantra sph m340, sph m340
Samsung Memoir sgh t929 Memoir, Memoir sgh t929, sgh t929, t929
Samsung Propel Pro sgh i627 i627, Propel Pro, Propel Pro sgh i627, sgh i627
Samsung Propel sgh a767 a767, AT&T Propel A767, Propel, Propel sgh a767, sgh a767
Samsung Rugby sgh a837 a837, Rugby, Rugby sgh a837
Samsung sch r500 Hue Hue, r500, sch r500 Hue
Samsung sgh a107 a107, sgh a107
Samsung sgh a117 117, a117, sgh a117
Samsung sgh a127 a127, sgh a127
Samsung sgh a137 a137, sgh a137
Samsung sgh a167 a167, sgh a167
Samsung sgh a177 a177, sgh a177
Samsung sgh a227 a227, sgh a227
Samsung sgh a237 a237, sgh a237
Samsung sgh a517 a517, sgh a517
Samsung sgh a637 a637, sgh a637
Samsung sgh a737 a737, sgh a737
Samsung sgh a777 a777, sgh a777
Samsung sgh t109 sgh t109, t109
Samsung sgh t119 sgh t119, t119
Samsung sgh t139 sgh t139, t139
Samsung sgh t229 sgh t229, t229
Samsung sgh t239 sgh t239, t239
Samsung sgh t255g sgh t255g, t255g
Samsung sgh t336 / sgh t339 sgh t336, sgh t339, t336, t339
Samsung sgh t349 sgh t349, t349
Samsung sgh t404g sgh t404g, t404g
Samsung sgh t409 sgh t409, t409
Samsung sgh t429 sgh t429, t429
Samsung sgh t659 sgh t659, t659
Samsung sgh t729 Blast Blast, sgh t729 Blast, t729
Samsung sgh t819 sgh t819, t819
Samsung SLM sgh a747 a747, sgh a747, SLM, SLM sgh a747
Samsung Solstice sgh a887 a887, AT&T Solstice A887, sgh a887, Solstice, Solstice sgh a887
Samsung sph m510 m510, sph m510
Samsung sph m520 m520, sph m520
Samsung Sunburst sgh a697 a697, sgh a697, Sunburst, Sunburst sgh a697
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Samsung OEM (AAEP305SBE, AAEP305SBEBSTD) Earbud Mobile Headset
samsung eternity-sgh-a867 cell phone mobile-headsets
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