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Samsung Convoy 2 Spare Battery Charger
ReVive ReLoad XT Battery Charger
Qty: Our Low Price $16.88
Samsung Convoy 2 Spare Battery Charger

ReVive ReLoad XT Spare Battery Charger - Universal design for Lithium-Ion batteries up to 4.2V and 2.5 inches in height, Charges most Lithium-Ion batteries with 3-4 hours, LCD display shows charging status, Compact, flip-down AC plug design for easy storage, World-ready

1 Year Warranty!
30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
Cell Phone Product Details:
Weight: 80grams
Color: Black
Retail Price: $29.95
Our LOW Price: $16.88
Order Qty :  
Convoy 2 ReVive ReLoad XT Spare Battery Charger - Universal design for Lithium-Ion batteries up to 4.2V and 2.5 inches in height Compatibility:
Cell Phone Series: This item fits the following Samsung cell phone models:
Cal-Comp A100 A 100, A100
Cal-Comp Captr A200 A200, Captr A200
Cal-Comp EZ EZ
Cal-Comp MSGM8 MSGM8
Canon IXY IXY, IXY 25 IS
Canon PowerShot D10 PowerShot D10
Canon PowerShot S100 PowerShot S100
Canon PowerShot SD1000 PowerShot SD1000
Canon PowerShot SD1100 PowerShot SD1100
Canon PowerShot SD1200IS PowerShot SD1200IS
Canon PowerShot SD200 PowerShot SD200
Canon PowerShot SD300 PowerShot SD300
Canon PowerShot SD40 PowerShot SD40
Canon PowerShot SD400 PowerShot SD400
Canon PowerShot SD430 PowerShot SD430
Canon PowerShot SD450 PowerShot SD450
Canon PowerShot SD600 PowerShot SD600
Canon PowerShot SD630 PowerShot SD630
Canon PowerShot SD700IS PowerShot SD700IS
Canon PowerShot SD750 PowerShot SD750
Canon PowerShot SD770IS PowerShot SD770IS
Canon PowerShot SD800 PowerShot SD800
Canon PowerShot SD800IS PowerShot SD800IS
Canon PowerShot SD850 PowerShot SD850
Canon PowerShot SD850IS PowerShot SD850IS
Canon PowerShot SD900 PowerShot SD900
Canon PowerShot TX1 PowerShot TX1
Casio Hitachi Exilim C721 C721, Exilim, Exilim C721
Casio Hitachi G'zOne Brigade C741 Brigade, C741, G'zOne Brigade C741
Casio Hitachi G'zOne Commando C771 C771, Commando, Commando C771, G'zOne Commando C771
Casio Hitachi G'zOne Ravine 2 C781 C781, G'zOne Ravine 2 C781, Ravine 2 C781
Casio Hitachi G'zOne Ravine C751 C751, G'zOne Ravine C751, Ravine, Ravine C751
Casio Hitachi G'zOne Rock C731 C731, G'zOne Rock, G'zOne Rock C731
Danger Sidekick Slide Sidekick Slide, Slide
FujiFilm Fine Pix Z33 Fine Pix Z33
FujiFilm FinePix J10 FinePix J10
FujiFilm FinePix J100 FinePix J100
FujiFilm FinePix J120 FinePix J120
FujiFilm FinePix J150w FinePix J150w
FujiFilm FinePix J20 FinePix J20
FujiFilm FinePix J250 FinePix J250
FujiFilm FinePix Z100fd FinePix Z100fd
FujiFilm FinePix Z10fd FinePix Z10fd
FujiFilm FinePix Z200fd FinePix Z200fd
FujiFilm FinePix Z3 FinePix Z3
FujiFilm FinePix Z33wp FinePix Z33wp
FujiFilm Fuji FinePix Z37 Fuji FinePix Z37
HTC Arrive Arrive
HTC Dash 3G Dash 3G
HTC Desire Desire
HTC Droid Eris 6200 6200, Droid Eris 6200, Eris, Verizon Droid Eris by HTC
HTC Droid Incredible Droid Incredible, Incredible
HTC Droid Incredible 2 6350 6350, Droid Incredible 2 6350
HTC EVO Shift 4G EVO Shift 4G
HTC Freestyle F5151 F5151, Freestyle, Freestyle F5151
HTC G1 G 1, G1
HTC Google Nexus One Google Nexus One, Nexus One
HTC Hero Hero, Sprint Hero
HTC Imagio XV6975 Imagio, Imagio XV6975, XV6975
HTC Inspire 4G PD98120 Inspire 4G, PD98120
HTC Magic G2 G2, Magic, Magic G2
HTC my Touch 3G Slide my Touch 3G Slide
HTC myTouch 3G 3G, myTouch, myTouch 3G
HTC myTouch 4G myTouch 4G
HTC myTouch 4G Slide myTouch 4G Slide
HTC Ozone XV6175 Ozone, Ozone XV6175, Verizon Ozone, XV6175
HTC Radar 4G PI06110 PI06110, Radar 4G, Radar 4G PI06110
HTC Sensation 4G Sensation 4G
HTC Snap S511 S511, Snap, Snap S511
HTC Status Status
HTC Surround T8788 Surround T8788, T8788
HTC ThunderBolt 6400 6400, ThunderBolt, ThunderBolt 6400
HTC Tilt2 Tilt2
HTC Touch Pro2 Pro2, Sprint Touch Pro2, Touch Pro2, Verizon Touch Pro2
HTC Trophy MWP6985 MWP6985, Trophy, Trophy MWP6985
HTC Vision G2 Vision, Vision G2
HTC Vivid PH39100 PH39100, Vivid, Vivid PH39100
HTC Wildfire ADR6225 ADR6225, Wildfire ADR6225
LG 3280 3280
LG Accolade vx5600 Accolade, Accolade vx5600, vx5600
LG Attune un270 Attune, Attune un270, un270
LG ax310 ax 310, ax310
LG ax390 390, ax 390, ax-390, ax390
LG ax4270 4270, ax 4270, ax-4270, ax4270
LG ax5000 / ux5000 5000, ax 5000, ax-5000, ax5000 / ax5000a, ux 5000, ux-5000, ux5000
LG Beacon mn270 Beacon, Beacon mn270, mn270
LG Chocolate 3 vx8560 Chocolate 3, Chocolate 3 vx8560, vx8560
LG Clout vx8370 Clout, Clout vx8370, vx8370
LG Cosmos Touch vn270 Cosmos Touch, Cosmos Touch vn270, vn270
LG Cosmos vn250 Cosmos, Cosmos vn250, vn250
LG Encore gt550 Encore, Encore gt550, gt550
LG Genesis us760 Genesis, Genesis us760, us760
LG Helix ux310 Helix, Helix ux310, ux 310, ux310
LG lx225 lx 225, lx-225, lx225
LG lx350 350, lx 350, lx-350, lx350
LG Migo vx1000 1000, Migo, Migo vx-1000, Migo vx1000, vx-1000, vx1000
LG mm535 / 535 535, mm535
LG Neon II gw370 gw370, Neon II, Neon II gw370
LG Octane vn530 Octane vn530, vn530
LG Optimus C LW690 LW690, Optimus C LW690
LG Optimus M Optimus M
LG Optimus S Optimus S
LG Optimus T Optimus T
LG Optimus U Optimus U
LG Optimus V VM670 Optimus V VM670, VM670
LG Phoenix p505 p505, Phoenix p505
LG pm225 pm 225, pm-225, pm225
LG pm325 / 325 325, pm 325, pm325
LG Revere vn150 Revere, Revere vn150, vn150
LG Select mn180 mn180, Select, Select mn180
LG Thrive p506 p506, Thrive p506
LG Tritan ax840 ax840, Tritan, Tritan ax840
LG Tritan ux840 Tritan, Tritan ux840, ux840
LG vi125 / vi 125 vi 125, vi125
LG Vu cu915 AT&T VU, cu915, Vu, Vu cu915
LG Vu Plus GR700 GR700, Vu Plus, Vu Plus GR700
LG Vu TV cu920 cu920, Vu TV, Vu TV cu920
LG vx 3200 / 3200 3200, vx 3200, vx3200
LG vx3300 / 3300 3300, vx 3300, vx-3300, vx3300
LG vx3400 / vx3450 / ux210 210, 3400, 3450, ux-210, ux210, vx-3400, vx-3450, vx3400, vx3450
LG vx4700 / ax4750 ax4750, ux4750, vx4650, vx4700
LG vx5200 / 6200 5200, 6200, vx 5200, vx-5200, vx5200
LG vx5300 5300, vx 5300, vx-5300, vx5300
LG vx5400 vx 5400, vx5400
LG vx5500 vx 5500, vx5500
LG vx6100 / 6100 6100, vx 6100, vx6100
LG vx8100 / 8100 8100, vx 8100, vx-8100, vx8100
LG vx8300 8300, vx 8300, vx-8300, vx8300
LG vx8350 vx 8350, vx8350
LG vx8360 Verizon vx8360, vx 8360, vx8360
LG Xenon gr500 AT&T XENON, gr500, Xenon, Xenon gr500
Motorola Adventure v750 Adventure, Adventure v750, v 750, v750
Motorola Atrix 4G mb860 Atrix 4G mb860, mb860
Motorola Bravo mb520 Bravo, mb520
Motorola Clutch i465 Clutch, Clutch i465, i465
Motorola Defy mb525 Defy, mb525
Motorola Droid 3 xt862 Droid 3, Droid 3 xt862, xt862
Motorola Droid X mb810 Droid X mb810, mb810
Motorola Droid X2 mb870 Droid X2, Droid X2 mb870, mb870
Motorola i335 i 335, i335
Motorola i890 i890
Motorola ic402 / The Blend ic 402, ic402, The Blend
Motorola ic502 / The Buzz ic 502, ic502, The Buzz
Motorola Photon 4G mb855 mb855, Photon 4G, Photon 4G mb855
Motorola Renegade v950 Renegade, Renegade v950, v950
Motorola Sidekick Slide Sidekick Slide, Slide
Nextel i335 (Motorola) i335, i335
Nextel Clutch i465 (Motorola) Clutch i465, Clutch, i465
Nextel i890 i890
Nextel ic402 / The Blend (Motorola) ic402, 402, ic 402, ic-402, ic402, The Blend
Nextel ic502 / The Buzz (Motorola) ic502, 502, ic 502, ic-502, ic502, The Buzz
Nextel PRO-200 PRO 200, PRO-200
Nextel PRO-700 PRO 700, PRO-700
Nextel Renegade v950 (Motorola) Renegade v950, Renegade, v950
Nikon CoolPix S200 CoolPix S200
Nikon CoolPix S500 CoolPix S500
Nokia 1100 1100, 1100b
Nokia 1110 / 1112 1110, 1112
Nokia 1208 1208
Nokia 1600 1600
Nokia 1616 1616
Nokia 1680 Classic 1680, 1680 Classic, Classic
Nokia 2270 2270
Nokia 2285 / 2275 2275, 2285
Nokia 2330 2330
Nokia 2610 2610
Nokia 3100 / 3120 3100, 3100b, 3120, 3120b
Nokia 3555 3555
Nokia 3600 3600
Nokia 3620 3620
Nokia 3650 3650
Nokia 3660 3660
Nokia 5130 XpressMusic 5130, 5130 XpressMusic
Nokia 6030 6030
Nokia 6085 6085
Nokia 6086 6086
Nokia 6205 6205, Verizon 6205
Nokia 6205 The Dark Knight 6205 The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight
Nokia 6230 6230, 6230b, 6230i
Nokia 6263 6263
Nokia 6350 6350
Nokia 6555 6555
Nokia 6600 6600
Nokia 6620 6620
Nokia 6681 6681
Nokia 6682 6682
Nokia 6820 / 6820i 6820, 6820b, 6820i
Nokia 6822 6822
Nokia 7610 7610
Nokia E51 E 51, E51
Nokia Mural 6750 6750, Mural, Mural 6750
Nokia N70 N70
Nokia N81 / N81 8GB N 81, N81, N81 8GB
Nokia N82 N 82, N82
Olympus D-630 D-630
Olympus FE-150 FE-150
Olympus FE-190 FE-190
Olympus FE-230 FE-230
Olympus FE-240 FE-240
Olympus FE-250 FE-250
Olympus Stylus 710 Stylus 710
Olympus Stylus 720SW Stylus 720SW
Olympus Stylus 725SW Stylus 725SW
Olympus Stylus 730 Stylus 730
Olympus Stylus 740 Stylus 740
Olympus Stylus 750 Stylus 750
Olympus Stylus 760 Stylus 760
Olympus Stylus 770 SW Stylus 770 SW
Olympus Stylus 780 Stylus 780
Olympus Stylus 790 SW Stylus 790 SW
Olympus Stylus 820 SW Stylus 820 SW
Olympus Stylus 830 SW Stylus 830 SW
Olympus Stylus 840 SW Stylus 840 SW
Olympus Stylus 850 SW Stylus 850 SW
Olympus Tough 770SW Tough 770SW
Pantech Breeze c520 Breeze, Breeze c520, c520
RIM BlackBerry 7100 7100, 7100g, 7100r, 7100t
RIM BlackBerry 7105 / 7105t 7105, 7105t
RIM BlackBerry 7130c 7130 c, 7130-c, 7130c
RIM BlackBerry 7130e 7130 e, 7130-e, 7130e
RIM BlackBerry 8700 8700, 8700c, 8700f
RIM BlackBerry 8700g 8700 g, 8700-g, 8700g
RIM BlackBerry 8703e 8703 e, 8703-e, 8703e
RIM BlackBerry Bold 9650 9650, Bold 9650
RIM BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 9300, Curve 3G, Curve 3G 9300
RIM BlackBerry Curve 3G 9330 9330, Curve 3G 9330
RIM BlackBerry Curve 8300 8300, Curve 8300
RIM BlackBerry Curve 8310 8310, AT&T Curve 8310, Curve 8310
RIM BlackBerry Curve 8320 8320, Curve 8320
RIM BlackBerry Curve 8330 8330, Curve 8330, Verizon Curve 8330
RIM BlackBerry Curve 8520 8520, Curve 8520
RIM BlackBerry Curve 8530 8530, Curve 8530, Sprint Curve 8530
RIM BlackBerry Curve 8900 8900, AT&T Curve 8900, Curve 8900
RIM BlackBerry Storm 9530 9530, Storm, Storm 9530
RIM BlackBerry Storm2 9550 9550, Storm2, Storm2 9550, Verizon Storm 2 9550
RIM BlackBerry Tour 9630 9630, Sprint Tour 9630, Tour, Tour 9630, Verizon Tour 9630
Samsung Acclaim sch r880 Acclaim, Acclaim sch r880, r880, sch r880
Samsung Admire sch r720 Admire, Admire sch r720, r720, sch r720
Samsung Behold sgh t919 Behold, Behold sgh t919, sgh t919, t919
Samsung Captivate sgh i897 Captivate, Captivate sgh i897, i897, sgh i897
Samsung Convoy 2 sch u660 Convoy 2, Convoy 2 sch u660, sch u660, u660
Samsung Convoy sch u640 Convoy, Convoy sch u640, sch u640, u640
Samsung Craft sch r900 Craft, Craft sch r900, r900, sch r900
Samsung Epic 4G sph d700 d700, Epic 4G, Epic 4G sph d700, sph d700
Samsung Flight sgh a797 a797, Flight, Flight sgh a797, sgh a797
Samsung Focus sgh i917 Focus, Focus sgh i917, i917, sgh i917
Samsung Freeform II sch r360 Freeform II, Freeform II sch r360, r360, sch r360
Samsung Galaxy S 4G sgh t959v Galaxy S 4G sgh t959v, sgh t959v
Samsung Gravity 2 sgh t469 Gravity 2, Gravity 2 sgh t469, sgh t469, t469
Samsung Gusto sch u360 Gusto, Gusto sch u360, sch u360, u360
Samsung Haven sch u320 Haven, Haven sch u320, sch u320, u320
Samsung Impression sgh a877 a877, AT&T Impression a877, Impression, Impression sgh a877, sgh a877
Samsung Indulge sch r910 Indulge, Indulge sch r910, r910, sch r910
Samsung Instinct s30 sph m810 Instinct s30, Instinct s30 sph m810, m810, sph m810
Samsung Intensity II sch u460 Intensity II, Intensity II sch u460, sch u460, u460
Samsung Intercept sph m910 Intercept, Intercept sph m910, m910, sph m910
Samsung Knack sch u310 Knack, Knack sch u310, u310
Samsung Precedent sch m828c m828c, Precedent, Precedent sch m828c, sch m828c
Samsung Prevail sph m820 m820, Prevail, Prevail sph m820, sph m820
Samsung Replenish sph m580 m580, Replenish, Replenish sph m580, sph m580
Samsung Repp sch r680 r680, Repp, Repp sch r680, sch r680
Samsung Rugby II sgh a847 a847, Rugby II, Rugby II sgh a847, sgh a847
Samsung Rugby sgh a837 a837, Rugby, Rugby sgh a837
Samsung sch a645 645, a-645, a645, sch a645, sch-a645
Samsung sch a870 / Siren 870, a-870, a870, sch a870, sch-a870, Siren
Samsung sch a930 930, a930, sch a930, sch-a930
Samsung sch a990 990, a-990, a990, sch a990, sch-a990
Samsung sch r375c r375c, sch r375c
Samsung sch u340 340, sch u340, sch-u340, u-340, u340
Samsung sch u410 sch u410, u410
Samsung sch u430 sch u430, u430
Samsung sch u620 sch u620, sch-u620, u-620, u620
Samsung sgh a717 a717, sgh a717
Samsung sgh a727 727, a727, sgh a727
Samsung sgh d407 / sgh d347 347, 407, d347, d407, sgh d347, sgh d407, sgh-347, sgh-d407
Samsung sgh t119 sgh t119, t119
Samsung sgh t404g sgh t404g, t404g
Samsung sgh t819 sgh t819, t819
Samsung Sidekick 4G sgh t839 sgh t839, Sidekick 4G sgh t839, t839
Samsung Smooth sch u350 sch u350, Smooth, Smooth sch u350, u350
Samsung Solstice sgh a887 a887, AT&T Solstice A887, sgh a887, Solstice, Solstice sgh a887
Samsung sph a580 580, a-580, a580, sph a580, sph-a580
Samsung sph a640 a640, sph a640
Samsung sph m240 m240, sph m240, Sprint M240
Samsung sph m320 m320, sph m320
Samsung Strive sgh a687 a687, sgh a687, Strive, Strive sgh a687
Samsung Transform sph m920 m920, sph m920, Transform, Transform sph m920
Samsung Vibrant sgh t959 sgh t959, t959, Vibrant, Vibrant sgh t959
Samsung Vitality sch r720 r720, sch r720, Vitality, Vitality sch r720
Sanyo PRO-200 PRO 200, PRO-200, Sprint PRO-200
Sanyo PRO-700 PRO 700, PRO-700, Sprint PRO-700
Sanyo Taho e4100 e4100, Taho, Taho e4100
Sidekick Slide Slide
TMobile (HTC) G1 G 1, G1
TMobile Sidekick Slide Sidekick Slide, Slide
Universal Accessories Universal Accessories Accessories, Universal Accessory
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