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Samsung a157 Batteries
samsung sgh-a157 cell phone batteries
Qty: Our Low Price $12.95
Samsung a157 Batteries
Compatible Samsung cell phones:
sgh t101g, Stunt sch r100, sgh t105g, sgh a107, sgh a137, sgh t139, sgh a157, sgh a167, sgh a197, sgh t201g, Spex sch r210, sch r211, sgh t219, sgh t239, sgh t249, Contour sch r250, sgh t255g, sgh t259, Factor sph m260, Chrono sch r261 / sgh t301g, Byline sch r310, Axle sch r311, Stripe sgh t329, Stride sch r330, sgh t330, sch r335c, sgh t340g, sch u420, Nimbus, sgh t429, MyShot sch r430, TwoStep sch r470, sph m500, sch u520, JetSet sch r550, sgh t609, sph m610, sgh a167, sgh t619, Nimbus.
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Samsung a157 Battery - Standard, Li-ION, 800mAh Details:
This Battery Replaces: AB463446BA, AB463446BAB
Battery Type: LiION
Battery Capacity: 800mAh
Voltage: 3.7V
Weight: 19 grams
Size: 49mm x 34mm
Battery Color: Internal
Battery SKU: BTSS-M500-ALIN21
Retail Price: $29.95
Our LOW Price: $12.95
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Samsung a157 Battery - Standard, Li-ION, 800mAh Compatibility:
Cell Phone Series: This battery fits the following Samsung cell phone models:
Samsung Axle sch r311 Axle, Axle sch r311, r311, sch r311
Samsung Byline sch r310 Byline, Byline sch r310, r310, sch r310
Samsung Chrono sch r261 Chrono, Chrono sch r261, r261, sch r261
Samsung Contour sch r250 Contour, Contour sch r250, r250, sch r250
Samsung Factor sph m260 Factor, Factor sph m260, m260, sph m260
Samsung JetSet sch r550 JetSet, JetSet sch r550, r550, sch r550
Samsung MyShot sch r430 MyShot, MyShot sch r430, r430
Samsung sch r211 r211, sch r211
Samsung sch r335c r335c, sch r335c
Samsung sch u420 / Nimbus 420, Nimbus, sch u420, sch-u420, u 420, u-420, u420
Samsung sch u520 520, sch u520, sch-u520, u-520, u520
Samsung sgh a107 a107, sgh a107
Samsung sgh a137 a137, sgh a137
Samsung sgh a157 a157, sgh a157
Samsung sgh a167 a167, sgh a167
Samsung sgh a197 a197
Samsung sgh t101g sgh t101g, t101g
Samsung sgh t105g sgh t105g, t105g
Samsung sgh t139 sgh t139, t139
Samsung sgh t201g sgh t201g, t201g
Samsung sgh t219 sgh t219, t219
Samsung sgh t239 sgh t239, t239
Samsung sgh t249 sgh t249, t249
Samsung sgh t255g sgh t255g, t255g
Samsung sgh t259 sgh t259, t259
Samsung sgh t301g sgh t301g, t301g
Samsung sgh t330 sgh t330, t330
Samsung sgh t340g sgh t340g, t340g
Samsung sgh t429 sgh t429, t429
Samsung sgh t609 sgh t609, t609
Samsung sgh t619 sgh t619, t619
Samsung Spex sch r210 r210, Spex, Spex sch r210
Samsung sph m500 500, m-500, m500, sph m500, sph-m500
Samsung sph m610 m610, sph m610
Samsung Stride sch r330 r330, sch r330, Stride, Stride sch r330
Samsung Stripe sgh t329 sgh t329, Stripe, Stripe sgh t329, t329
Samsung Stunt sch r100 r100, sch r100, Stunt, Stunt sch r100
Samsung TwoStep sch r470 r470, sch r470, TwoStep, TwoStep sch r470

Samsung Cell Phone Accessories:
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a157 Data Cables a157 Memory Cards
a157 Mobile Headsets a157 Phone Holders
a157 Power Banks a157 Screen Protectors
a157 Travel Chargers a157 Universal Accessories

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