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Motorola Hands Free Kits
motorola v60s cell phone mobile-headsets
Qty: Our Low Price $5.95
Motorola Hands Free Kits
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Cell Phone Product Details:
Weight: 16 grams
Color: Black
OEM Part Number: SYN8390
Other OEM Part Numbers: SYN8419, SYN8419C
Retail Price: $19.95
Our LOW Price: $5.95
Order Qty :  
Motorola (Nextel ) OEM Mobile Earbud Headset (SYN8390, SYN8419, SYN8419C) (Connects through 2.5mm jack.) Compatibility:
Cell Phone Series: This item fits the following Motorola cell phone models:
Motorola a388 a 388, a388
Motorola m3682 / g520 g 520, m3090, m3097, m3682, m3788, m3788e, Populous
Motorola StarTAC st3000, st6000, st6500, st7600, st7760, st7762, st7790, st7790i, st7790si, st7797, st7860, st7860w, st7867, st7867w, st7868, st7868w, st8500, st8600, StarTAC
Motorola t192 / t193 t192, t193, t193g, t193m
Motorola t720 / t730 t720, t720c, t722, t725, t725e, t730
Motorola T720i 720i, T720i
Motorola T721 721, T721
Motorola T722i 722i, T722i
Motorola T730c 730c, T730c
Motorola T731 731, T731
Motorola Talkabout t2260 t2260, t2267, t2282, t2290, t2297, Talkabout
Motorola Talkabout t8097 t8067, t8090, t8097, t8160, t8197
Motorola Timeport L7089 / L7389 L7082, L7089, P7382, P7382i, P7389, P7389i
Motorola Timeport p280 280, p-280, p280, Timeport p280
Motorola Timeport p8767 p8090, p8097, p8160, p8167, p8767
Motorola v120 v120, v120c, v120e, v120t, v120x
Motorola v200 v 200, v200
Motorola v2397 / v2282 / v2260 Shark, v2260, v2267, v2282, v2290, v2297, v2397
Motorola v60 v60, v60ic, v60ti, v60v
Motorola v60c / v60ci v 60c, v 60ci, v-60c, v-60ci, v60c, v60ci
Motorola v60e v60 e, v60-e, v60e
Motorola v60g v60 g, v60-g, v60g
Motorola v60i v60 i, v60-i, v60i
Motorola v60p v60 p, v60-p, v60p
Motorola v60s v60 s, v60-s, v60s
Motorola v60t v60 t, v60-t, v60t
Motorola v60x v60 x, v60-x, v60x
Motorola v66 v66, v66e, v66i
Motorola v70 v70
Motorola Vader / v3682 PC 100, v3160, v3620, v3650, v3682, v3688, v8060, v8062, v8160, v8162, Vader
Nextel i30 (Motorola) i30, (Motorola) i30sx, (Motorola) i35, (Motorola) i35s, i30, i30sx, i35, i35s
Nextel i50 / i85 (Motorola) i50, (Motorola) i50sx, (Motorola) i58sr, (Motorola) i85, (Motorola) i88s, i50, i50sx, i55, i55sr, i58, i58sr, i85, i85s, i88, i88s
Nextel i60 / i90 i60, i60c, i90, i90c
Nextel i80 / i80s (Motorola) i80, (Motorola) i80s, i80, i80s
Nextel i95 / i95cl (Motorola) i95, (Motorola) i95c, (Motorola) i95cl, (Motorola) i99cl, i95, i95c, i95cl, i99cl
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