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LG ax145 Cell Phone Vertical Case (MBAC0001251, MBAC 0001251)
LG OEM MBAC0001251 Vertical Case
Qty: Our Low Price $5.95
LG ax145 Cell Phone Vertical Case (MBAC0001251, MBAC 0001251)
Compatible LG cell phones:
ce110, lx150, lx160, ax140, ax145, ux210, cg225, lx225, lx350, cu320, ax380, ce500, Trax cu575, c2000, vx3400, vx3450, vx4700, vx4750, ax5000, ux5000, vx5200, vx5300, vx5400, vx6000, vx6100, vx6200, vx7000, vx8100, vx8300, vx8350, vx8500 Chocolate, vx8500 Black Chocolate, vx 8500 Cherry Chocolate, vx8500 Pink Chocolate, vx8500 Mint Chocolate, vx8500 White Chocolate, vx8550.

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Cell Phone Product Details:
Color: Black and Gray
OEM Part Number: MBAC0001251
Other OEM Part Numbers: MBAC 0001251
Retail Price: $19.95
Our LOW Price: $5.95
Order Qty :  
LG ax145- OEM Vertical Case with Swivel Clip (MBAC0001251) Compatibility:
Cell Phone Series: This item fits the following LG cell phone models:
LG ax140 / ax145 ax 140, ax 145, ax140, ax145
LG ax275 275, ax 275, ax-275, ax275
LG ax380 380, ax 380, ax-380, ax380
LG ax5000 / ux5000 5000, ax 5000, ax-5000, ax5000 / ax5000a, ux 5000, ux-5000, ux5000
LG c2000 2000, c 2000, c-2000, c2000
LG ce110 ce 110, ce110
LG ce500 ce500
LG cg225 cg 225, cg-225, cg225
LG Cherry Chocolate Cherry Chocolate, vx8500r
LG cu320 320, cu 320, cu-320, cu320
LG lx150 lx 150, lx150
LG lx160 lx 160, lx160
LG lx225 lx 225, lx-225, lx225
LG lx350 350, lx 350, lx-350, lx350
LG Mint Chocolate Mint Chocolate, vx8500g
LG Pink Chocolate Pink Chocolate, Strawberry Chocolate
LG Trax cu575 cu575, Trax, Trax cu575
LG vx3400 / vx3450 / ux210 210, 3400, 3450, ux-210, ux210, vx-3400, vx-3450, vx3400, vx3450
LG vx4700 / ax4750 ax4750, ux4750, vx4650, vx4700
LG vx5200 / 6200 5200, 6200, vx 5200, vx-5200, vx5200
LG vx5300 5300, vx 5300, vx-5300, vx5300
LG vx5400 vx 5400, vx5400
LG vx6000 vx 6000, vx-6000, vx6000
LG vx6100 / 6100 6100, vx 6100, vx6100
LG vx7000 vx 7000, vx7000
LG vx8100 / 8100 8100, vx 8100, vx-8100, vx8100
LG vx8300 8300, vx 8300, vx-8300, vx8300
LG vx8350 vx 8350, vx8350
LG vx8500 / Chocolate 8500, Chocolate, vx 8500, vx-8500, vx8500
LG vx8550 Chocolate vx8550, vx8550 Black, vx8550 Black Cherry, vx8550 Blue Mint
LG vx8700 8700, vx 8700, vx-8700, vx8700
LG White Chocolate White Chocolate

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