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Kyocera kx160 Batteries
kyocera xcursion-kx160 cell phone batteries
Qty: Our Low Price $18.95
Kyocera kx160 Batteries
Compatible Kyocera cell phones:
kx13, kx16, kx160, Candid, Dorado, Xcursion.

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Kyocera kx160 Battery - Standard, Li-ION, 900mAh Details:
This Battery Replaces: TXBAT10072
Battery Type: LiION
Battery Capacity: 900 mAh
Weight: 28 grams
Battery Thickness: 0 mm
Battery Color: Internal
Battery SKU: BTKY-KX13-ALIN21
Retail Price: $39.95
Our LOW Price: $18.95
Order Qty:  
Kyocera kx160 Battery - Standard, Li-ION, 900mAh Compatibility:
Cell Phone Series: This battery fits the following Kyocera cell phone models:
Kyocera Candid kx16 / kx16 Candid, Candid kx16, kx 16, kx-16, kx16
Kyocera Dorado kx13 / kx13 Dorado, Dorado kx13, kx 13, kx-13, kx13
Kyocera Xcursion / kx160 160, kx 160, kx-160, kx160, Xcursion
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