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Bestek Universal All-in-One Charging Station
huawei ascend-q-m660 cell phone travel-chargers
Qty: Our Low Price $38.22
Bestek Universal All-in-One Charging Station

Universal Wall ChargerThe BESTEK All-In-One wall charging station includes 4 USB ports, 6 AC outlets, an iPhone dock, and an LED nightlight! Simply plug the wall charger into an AC outlet. It screws into the electrical socket so it holds securely. Six AC outlets for a total 1,875 watt output. You can power anything from Laptops and Vacuum Cleaners to Smartphones.

Charge your Cell Phone, iPhone, iPad, Tablet and other devices with the four USB ports. The Wall Charging Station has four USB ports, two 2.1A ports and two 1A ports. Plus, the USB circuits feature overload and short-circuit protection. Includes built in LED nightlight with adjustable brightness. Sleek and streamlined design.

  • 6 AC Outlets
  • 4 USB Charging Ports
  • iPhone / iPod Charging Dock
  • 1,875 Watt Output
  • LED Nightlight

  • 1 Year Warranty!
    30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
    Cell Phone Product Details:
    Weight: 394 grams
    Color: White
    Retail Price: $59.95
    Our LOW Price: $38.22
    Order Qty :  
    Bestek Universal All-in-One Charging Station Compatibility:
    Cell Phone Series: This item fits the following Huawei cell phone models:
    Alcatel One Touch 665 665, 665X
    Alcatel One Touch 768 768, 768t
    Alcatel One Touch 918 918, 918D
    Alcatel One Touch 983 983
    Alcatel One Touch 985 985
    Alcatel One Touch Authority Authority
    Alcatel One Touch Premiere ADR3035 ADR3035, Premiere, Premiere ADR3035
    Alcatel One Touch Shockwave 988 988, Shockwave 988
    Alcatel One Touch Ultra 960c 960c, Ultra, Ultra 960c
    Alcatel One Touch Venture VM2045 Venture, Venture VM2045, VM2045
    Apple iPhone 3GS iPhone 3GS
    Apple iPhone 4 iPhone 4
    Apple iPhone 4S iPhone 4S
    Casio Hitachi GzOne Commando 4G LTE C811 C811, GzOne Commando 4G LTE C811
    Coolpad Quattro 4G 5860E 5860E, Quattro 4G, Quattro 4G 5860E
    HP Pavilion dv9230 Pavilion dv9235NR, Pavilion dv9237EU
    HP Pavilion dv9260 Pavilion dv9260US
    HTC Droid DNA ADR6435 ADR6435, Droid DNA, Droid DNA ADR6435
    HTC First PM33100 First, First PM33100, PM33100
    HTC One Mini PO58200 One Mini, One Mini PO58200, PO58200
    HTC One X+ LTE PM63100 One X Plus LTE, One X+ LTE, One X+ LTE PM63100, PM63100
    Huawei Ascend Plus H881C Ascend Plus, Ascend Plus H881C, H881C
    Huawei Ascend Q M660 Ascend Q, Ascend Q M660, M660
    Huawei Ascend Y M866 Ascend Y, Ascend Y M866, M866
    Huawei Inspira Inspira
    Huawei M735 M735
    Huawei myTouch Q U8730 myTouch Q, myTouch Q U8730, U8730
    Huawei myTouch U8680 myTouch U8680, U8680
    Huawei Premia M931 M931, Premia, Premia M931
    Huawei Prism II U8686 Prism II, Prism II U8686, U8686
    Huawei Summit U8651 Summit, Summit U8651
    Huawei U2800 U2800
    Huawei Valiant Valiant
    Huawei Verge M570 M570, Verge, Verge M570
    Huawei Vitria Y301A2 Vitria Y301A2, Y301A2
    Kyocera DuraMax E4255 DuraMax, DuraMax E4255, E4255
    Kyocera DuraPlus E4233 DuraPlus, DuraPlus E4233, E4233
    Kyocera Event C5133 C5133, Event, Event C5133
    Kyocera Hydro C5170 C5170, Hydro, Hydro C5170
    Kyocera Hydro Edge C5215 C5215, Hydro Edge 5215
    Kyocera Hydro XTRM C6721 C6721, Hydro XTRM C6721
    Kyocera Rise C5155 C5155, Rise, Rise C5155
    Kyocera Torque E6710 E6710, Torque, Torque E6710
    LG Cosmos 3 vn251s Cosmos 3, Cosmos 3 vn251s, vn251s
    LG Elite LS696 Elite LS696, LS696
    LG Elite VS696 Elite VS696, VS696
    LG Enact VS890 Enact VS890, VS890
    LG Envoy un150 Envoy, Envoy un150, un150
    LG Escape P870 Escape, Escape P870, P870
    LG Exalt vn360 Exalt, Exalt vn360, vn360
    LG G2 D801 D801, G2 D801
    LG G2 LS980 G2 LS980, LS980
    LG G2 VS980 G2 VS980, VS980
    LG Intuition VS950 Intuition, Intuition VS950, VS950
    LG Lucid 2 VS870 Lucid 2, Lucid 2 VS870, VS870
    LG Mach LS860 LS860, Mach, Mach LS860
    LG Mach LS870 LS870, Mach, Mach LS870
    LG Nexus 4 E960 E960, Nexus 4, Nexus 4 E960
    LG Optimus 2 AS680 AS680, Optimus 2 AS680
    LG Optimus F3 MS659 MS659, Optimus F3 MS659
    LG Optimus F3 VM720 Optimus F3, Optimus F3 VM720, VM720
    LG Optimus F7 US780 Optimus F7 US780
    LG Optimus G E970 E970, Optimus G E970
    LG Optimus G LS970 LS970, Optimus G, Optimus G LS970
    LG Optimus G Pro E980 E980, Optimus G Pro, Optimus G Pro E980
    LG Optimus L9 P769 Optimus L9, Optimus L9 P769, P769
    LG Optimus Regard LW770 LW770, Optimus Regard, Optimus Regard LW770
    LG Optimus ZIP LGL75C LGL75C, Optimus ZIP, Optimus ZIP LGL75C
    LG Revere 2 vn150s Revere 2, Revere 2 vn150s, vn150s
    LG Spectrum 2 vs930 Spectrum 2, Spectrum 2 vs930, vs930
    LG Spirit MS870 MS870, Spirit, Spirit MS870
    LG Splendor VS730 Splendor, Splendor VS730, VS730
    LG Venice LG730 LG730, Venice, Venice LG730
    LG Wine III Wine III
    Motorola Defy XT XT556 Defy XT, Defy XT XT556, XT556
    Motorola Droid Mini XT1080 Droid Mini, Droid Mini XT1080, XT1080
    Motorola Droid RAZR HD xt926 Droid RAZR HD, Droid RAZR HD xt926
    Motorola Droid RAZR M xt907 Droid RAZR M xt907, Droid RAZR M4, xt907
    Motorola Droid Ultra XT1080 Droid Ultra, Droid Ultra XT1080, XT1080
    Motorola Electrify 2 XT881 Electrify 2, Electrify 2 XT881, XT881
    Motorola Electrify M XT901 Electrify M, Electrify M XT901, XT901
    Motorola Moto X XT1055 Moto X, Moto X XT1055, XT1055
    Nokia Lumia 810 Lumia 810
    Nokia Lumia 820 Lumia 820
    Nokia Lumia 822 Lumia 822
    Pantech Crossover P8000 Crossover, Crossover P8000, P8000
    Pantech Flex P8010 Flex, Flex P8010, P8010
    Pantech Jest 2 TXT8045 Jest 2, Jest 2 TXT8045, TXT8045
    Pantech Marauder ADR910L ADR910L, Marauder, Marauder ADR910L
    Pantech Verse Verse
    PCD Chaser vm2090 Chaser, Chaser vm2090, vm2090
    PCD STX 2 STX 2
    RIM BlackBerry Curve 9315 9315, Curve 9315
    RIM BlackBerry Q10 Q10
    RIM BlackBerry Z10 Z10
    Samsung Admire 4G sch r820 Admire 4G, Admire 4G sch r820, r820, sch r820
    Samsung Array sph m390 Array, Array sph m390, m390, sph m390
    Samsung ATIV Odyssey sch i930 ATIV Odyssey, ATIV Odyssey sch i930, i930, sch i930
    Samsung ATIV S Neo sph i800 ATIV S Neo sph i800, i800, sph i800
    Samsung Character sch r640 Character, Character sch r640, sch r640
    Samsung Chrono sch r261 r261
    Samsung Convoy 2 sch u660 Convoy 2 sch u660
    Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 i8160 Galaxy Ace 2, Galaxy Ace 2 i8160, i8160
    Samsung Galaxy Axion sch r830 Galaxy Axion, Galaxy Axion sch r830, r830, sch r830
    Samsung Galaxy Centura sch s738c Galaxy Centura, Galaxy Centura sch s738c, s738c, sch s738c
    Samsung Galaxy Discover sgh s730g Galaxy Discover, Galaxy Discover sgh s730g, s730g, sgh s730g
    Samsung Galaxy Express sgh i437 Galaxy Express, Galaxy Express sgh i437, i437, sgh i437
    Samsung Galaxy Legend sch i200pp Galaxy Legend sch i200pp, i200pp, sch i200pp
    Samsung Galaxy Light sgh t399 Galaxy Light sgh t399, sgh t399, t399
    Samsung Galaxy Mega Galaxy Mega
    Samsung Galaxy Note II sch i605 Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Note II sch i605, i605, sch i605
    Samsung Galaxy Note II sch r950 Galaxy Note II sch r950, r950, sch r950
    Samsung Galaxy Note II sgh i317 Galaxy Note II sgh i317, i317, sgh i317
    Samsung Galaxy Note II sgh t889 Galaxy Note II sgh t889, sgh t889, t889
    Samsung Galaxy Note II sph L900 Galaxy Note II sph L900, L900, sph L900
    Samsung Galaxy Note III Galaxy Note III, N900A, N900A4, N900P, N900T, N900V
    Samsung Galaxy Ring Galaxy Ring
    Samsung Galaxy Rush sph m830 Galaxy Rush, Galaxy Rush sph m830, m830, sph m830
    Samsung Galaxy S Advance i9070 Galaxy S Advance i9070, i9070
    Samsung Galaxy S III Mini i8190 Galaxy S III Mini, Galaxy S III Mini i8190, i8190
    Samsung Galaxy S III sch i535 Galaxy S III sch i535, i535, S3, sch i535
    Samsung Galaxy S Lightray sch r940 Galaxy S Lightray, Galaxy S Lightray sch r940, r940, sch r940
    Samsung Galaxy S4 Active sgh i537 Galaxy S4 Active, Galaxy S4 Active sgh i537, i537, sgh i537
    Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini sch r890 Galaxy S4 Mini sch r890, r890, sch r890
    Samsung Galaxy S4 sch i545 Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4 sch i545, sch i545
    Samsung Galaxy S4 sch r970 Galaxy S4 sch r970, r970, sch r970
    Samsung Galaxy S4 sgh i337 Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4 sgh i337, i337, sgh i337
    Samsung Galaxy S4 sgh m919 Galaxy S4 sgh m919, m919, sgh m919
    Samsung Galaxy S4 sph L720 Galaxy S4 sph L720, L720, sph L720
    Samsung Galaxy S5 Galaxy S5
    Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II sch i415 Galaxy Stratosphere II, Galaxy Stratosphere II sch i415, i415, sch i415
    Samsung Montage Montage
    Samsung Prevail 2 sph m840 m840, Prevail 2, Prevail 2 sph m840, sph m840
    Samsung Rugby III sgh a997 a997, Rugby III, Rugby III sgh a997, sgh a997
    Samsung sch s380c sch s380c
    Sharp FX FX
    Sharp FX Plus FX Plus
    Universal Accessories Universal Accessories Accessories, Universal Accessory
    ZTE Adamant F450 Adamant, Adamant F450, F450
    ZTE Altair Altair
    ZTE Aspect F555 Aspect, Aspect F555, F555
    ZTE Avail Z990 Avail, Avail Z990, Z990
    ZTE Avid 4G N9120 Avid 4G, Avid 4G N9120, N9120
    ZTE Awe N800 Awe N800
    ZTE Concord V768 Concord, Concord V768, V768
    ZTE Engage LT N8000 Engage LT, Engage LT N8000, N8000
    ZTE Engage V8000 Engage, Engage V8000, V8000
    ZTE Flash N9500 Flash N9500, N9500
    ZTE Force N9100 Force, Force N9100, N9100
    ZTE Groove x501 Groove x501, x501
    ZTE Imperial N9101 Imperial, N9101
    ZTE Roamer Roamer
    ZTE Salute F350 F350, Salute, Salute F350
    ZTE Source N9511 N9511, Source N9511
    ZTE Valet Z665c Valet, Valet Z665c, Z665c
    ZTE Vital N9810 N9810, Vital N9810
    ZTE Warp Sequent N861 Warp Sequent, Warp Sequent N861
    ZTE Z431 Z431

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