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The Super Bowl - It's Everywhere!!

Super Bowl

This year's Super Bowl is going to be so big that AT&T and Verizon have spent more than a year upgrading their networks inside of MetLife Stadium. They are expecting a zillion photos, texts, and tweets! Last year at the Super Bowl, AT&T reported that it handled 74,204 phone calls and transmitted 722,296 SMS! AT&T also stated that people uploaded 40% more data than they downloaded. This year promises even more. Twitter will be all abuzz via hashtag #SB48! Instagram will be flooded with photos of plays, squabbles, and scores.

Just in from the Wall Street Journal's Market Watch: "SOASTA , the leader in cloud and mobile testing, today announced the results of its Super Bowl Second Screen survey, which shows that 41% of smartphone and tablet owners plan on using mobile apps while watching this year's Super Bowl. Of smartphone/tablet owners, 56% of millennial women (ages 18-34) said they expected to use apps to multi-task on their smartphones and tablets while watching the big game, while men 18-34 (15%) and women 55-64 (6%) are more likely to use dating apps like Tinder and OK Cupid."

Most of us don't have tickets to the game and probably don't know someone who will send us the play-by-play directly. If you have a 60" TV, a case of beer, a bowl of guacamole, and a bunch of friends, you're likely to enjoy the game from indoors.  The upside is you'll be warmer than those fans in New Jersey!

But what if you don't have a TV or you'll be away from home? Or what if you are a multi-screen geek and require being overstimulated at all times?  In either case, you'll want to get info about the game, players, and stats from other sources... so what are your options?

On Your Laptop and Tablet

On a laptop or tablet, it's easy. You have a couple options for real-time watching:

With so many people watching the game, there could be hiccups and freezes. If so, try First Row Sports

On Your Smartphone

As cool as the idea of watching the game on the go is, beware! Watching the game through your network uses mega data.  That said...

  • Verizon customers, celebrate! You can watch the game on your phone with NFL Connect. It's free!

  • If you have an Android phone or tablet, you can use NFL Mobile to see the game, but it will cost you $5.

  • People with iPhones can watch the game through CBSsports.com

If you get your internet through a provider like U-verse or Xfinity, you can use FoxSportsGo to watch the game.

In Your Car

You can listen to the game live with the NFL Audio Pass. It's $9.99 and broadcasts from January 3, 2014 through Feb. 1.

Pass the chips!

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