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Why is Your Laptop Battery Not Charging?


So your laptop battery worked...life was good. And now your laptop battery is not charging...life isn't so rosey. Before you get overwhelmed assuming that you are out of your league and are going to have pay a lot of money to someone more competent than yourself, here are a few simple techniques you can try to fix it yourself. Going through these troubleshooting procedures will help you to competently get your laptop up and running again.


Power Source

Let's start with the obvious - is your laptop properly plugged in? Check all the connections - the wall outlet, the the AC adaptor, and the computer itself. If that was why your laptop battery was not charging, you never have to admit it to anyone...carry on.


Battery Installation

If your laptop battery is still not charging, check to make sure your battery is properly installed. Open up the battery compartment and check that the battery contacts are properly touching and that none are broken or corroded.


Replace Your Laptop Battery

If none of the above fixed the problem, both sorry and congratulations are in order because the problem is not user error. The next step is to determine if the fault lies with your battery or with your laptop. So if your laptop battery is still not charging, remove it from your computer and plug the computer back in to the wall outlet. If the computer starts up, your problem is a bad battery. Replacing a defective battery is painless. By reading the model number off of your old battery, you can purchase a new laptop battery. This is the simplest fix, problem solved. All that's left is to talk about how to dispose of the old battery. Please please please recycle it. Throwing old batteries into the garbage is extremely toxic to soil, water, and air. Check out the Batteries4Less.com battery recycling program for details about how and why to recycle batteries. The best part is, you can get up to 20% off of a brand new replacement battery for your laptop simply by recycling your old battery with us...it�s our thank you for being a responsible technology owner.



Problems with Laptop Hardware or Software

However, if your laptop is still not turning on properly, there are a few more things you can do to determine what the trouble is and potentially even fix it yourself. If the issue is within the computer itself, the two possible causes are either a software or hardware problem. First, determine whether or not your laptop battery is not charging due to incorrect or incompatible software.

a) Windows: Open the "Control Panel" and from there, the "Device Manager." Double click on "Battery" and then on "Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery." Go to "Properties" and then to the "Driver" tab. Click on "Update Driver." When it is finished updating, reboot the laptop. If this doesn't resolve the problem, Go back to "Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery" and actually uninstall it. Restart your laptop. Go back to the "Device Manager" window and pull down the "Action" menu. Choose "Scan for hardware changes."

b) Macintosh: Older Macs have removable batteries whereas newer ones do not allow you to access the battery. If you have an older Mac with a replaceable battery, follow these instructions to reset the System Management Controller: Shutdown the computer, remove the battery, disconnect the power cord, and press the hold the button down for 5 seconds. Replace the battery, reconnect the power cord, and start up the computer.

If your Mac does not have a removable battery, you still want to shutdown the computer, but do not disconnect the power cord. Keep the computer plugged in. Keep the power off while you hold down the power button and at the same time press the Shift-Control-Option keys. Concurrently, release all the keys. Restart the computer.


Seek Tech Support

If none of the above have worked and your laptop battery is still not charging, contact tech support for your particular make and model. Let them know that you have already gone through all the above steps. If they determine that it is most likely a hardware problem, it is time to call in that super competent person you were trying to avoid. The problem may still be an easy fix, either by the manufacturer or a local computer repair shop.


We hope the above tip have gotten your laptop up and running again. Thank you for reading and visiting batteries4less.com!


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