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What if Martin Luther King Jr. Had A Smartphone?

It is interesting to think about how pivotal moments in history would have been different if the social media culture of today existed at that time. It is even more interesting to think about how strong and charismatic leaders would have utilized the tools of social media to further their movements, passions, and goals. Martin Luther King Jr. was so dynamic and the message of the civil rights movement was so powerful that he was able to stretch the confines of the media that existed circa 1955-1968. What could he have ignited with the global community tools of today? Granted, he was a brilliant and poetic orator, so small tweets and a sentence requesting a facebook likes to his fan page are hard to even find dignifying. But what would he have done with a Smartphone and the world at his finger tips?

He might have Tweeted:

His Facebook post might have been:

Martin Luther King, Jr.

I have a dream!

His Instagram posts might have included:

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