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How Do You Use Your Cell Phone When It's Freezing Outside?

Cell Phone Cold Weather Tips

Whether you are in a blizzard or you've just discovered the coldest, driest place in the US, you need to take steps to protect your phone. You probably know that keeping your phone warm when the thermometer dips means a happy battery and electronic circuits that work as they should. But did you know that in addition to keeping your phone warm, if you aren't planning on using it, turning your phone off completely is by far the best, safest way to protect it.

Keeping your cell phone warm and dry is crucial.  But sometimes, you just have to make a call. What do you do when you are wearing mittens and freezing rain is dripping off your nose? How do you dial the phone? How do you keep it dry? Most smart phone touch screens won't work with regular gloves, so a stylus can come in very handy.  But even if you've kept the cell phone and your hands warm and you dial quickly, if it's pouring down snow or sleet an unprotected cell phone is inevitably going to get wet. A combination of a case and screen protector can help... and in a pinch, a plastic bag can do the trick.

Cell Phone Headset
Bluetooth Headset

Once you've placed your call, you need to get your cell phone back in your pocket or a warm and dry space asap... but you still have to talk on it. Enter a regular or Bluetooth headset to the rescue. Both work while the phone is warm and dry in your pocket... and often with even better sound clarity.

Cell Phone Car Charger

Here's another tip:  Consider having a backup cell phone charger if you will be making calls in freezing weather. Batteries discharge more quickly when the temperature drops below freezing, so it pays to have a charger handy... or invest in an extra battery or portable power bank.


Finally, consider that screens and cases of cell phones are more brittle in the cold. It might be a good idea to add a protective case to your very valuable source of communication! Let's hope you never have to make an emergency call in inclement weather. But if you do, it would be great to be prepared.


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