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Happy Birthday!

A Happy Birthday shout out to Martin Cooper. Mr. Cooper, who turns 85 today, has had an enormous impact on YOUR life. Only a handful of people ever significantly changed the way society orders itself, and he is definitely in that minority. In 1973 while working at Motorola, Cooper invented the first cell phone. His goal was to invent a phone that "would represent an individual so you could assign a number; not to a place, not to a desk, not to a home, but to a person."

His first attempt at a personal cell phone weighed 2.5 pounds and was 10 inches long. The battery was enormous and heavy, weighing up to 5 times more than a modern cell phone. Furthermore, the first cell phone allowed for 20 minutes of use and then required a 10 hour charge. But in 1983, ten years after Cooper made the first call on that dinosaur of a phone, cell phones were released to the public at an impressive price of $4,000.

Over his 85 years, Mr. Cooper has been a very busy man. He was instrumental in the invention of pagers, quartz crystals for wrist watches, oscillators, liquid crystal displays, mobile radio, piezo-electronic components, am stereo, software for mobile antenna technology use in both cell phones and wireless internet, as well as multiple other mobile and 2-way radio technology and products.

He has also been a prominent player in the distribution of cellular technology. In 1983 he was the co-founder of Cellular Business Systems, Inc. which was the first company to dominate the cellular billing industry. In 1986, Cooper and his wife (also a brilliant entrepreneur in her own right) founded Dyna LLC as a parent company to launch multiple technology support and invention based companies that have lead to many of the big companies that dominate today's cellular distribution market.

Furthermore (as if he isn't already incomprehensibly busy changing the world), Mr. Cooper writes as well as travels around the world lecturing about the internet, technological advancement, and wireless communications. Oh... and in his spare time, he also serves on the U.S. Department Of Commerce Spectrum Advisory Committee, the Federal Communication Commission's Technological Advisory Council, as well as multiple other industry and civic groups.

Mr. Cooper also gets to put on his extensive resume that he created the Law Of Spectral Efficiency or "Cooper's Law." Cooper's Law states that "the maximum number of voice conversations or equivalent data transactions that can be conducted in all of the useful radio spectrum over a given area doubles every 30 months.

Martin Cooper paved the way for our modern technological daily reality as we know it and most often take for granted. Although his name is not nearly as well known as Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, his contributions to our modern world are equally if not more pervasive and evolutionary. So Happy Birthday Martin Cooper... ya done good!!

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