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Best iPhone Apps for Students

Best iPhone Apps for Students

If you are off to college this fall, pack all your essentials and make sure that all of your tools are working optimally to insure a successful year. Of all of your resources, your iPhone can be the most valuable if properly equipped with the best iPhone apps for students. After a cheap and easy shopping spree at the Apple app store, you can set yourself up with all the tools necessary to effectively manage the challenging year ahead.

With more than 900,000 apps, the Apple App Store can be overwhelming. The best iPhone apps for your specific needs are often times hard to ascertain amongst the plethora of impractical chaff. Often, the top iPhone apps or the cool iPhone apps do nothing more than clutter your already power laden iPhone, slowing it down and draining its battery life. Of course, it may be in your best interest to keep a few games on your iPhone in case of a particularly overly verbose professor or ceaselessly dry course material (but FYI if you are playing games in your lap thinking you are being sly, you need to go back to the school of reality no teacher will think you are either concentrating hard or admiring yourself).

That said, here are some must have apps to help insure a successful year:


1) Battery Saver & Battery Doctor Pro

Battery Saver can help you efficiently manage the top iPhone apps you need to streamline your workload, it would be wise if your first undertaking at the apple app store was to acquire an accessory that oversees the efficiency of your phone itself. There are several iPhone apps designed to chronicle and manipulate both battery life and memory efficiency. Of all the options in the apple app store, Battery Saver is particularly proficient at monitoring your devices usage. By shutting down apps that are not currently being employed, it automatically increases the speed of your iPhone as well as extending your battery life. Battery Saver also monitors the amount of battery life remaining at any moment and shows you the amount of time you can extend your battery life by shutting down different functions. This must have app also provides you with a variety of tips for how to best optimize your battery life.

Battery Doctor Pro is another excellent option. It comes with a button to quickly get rid of all tasks and running apps, a list of which apps use the most power, and a System Status which estimates the amount of talk time your battery has remaining at any moment. Unfortunately, no battery management app actually prolongs iPhone battery life, rather they provide the information necessary to help efficiently utilize the available battery life. To avoid the stress of having to proficiently monitor your battery throughout your busy day and the consequences of not effectively doing so, there are several easy and cost effective options. We recommend always having handy either a portable charger, and external battery pack, or a rechargeable battery case. Between your battery life management app and the security of always knowing you have available backup power, your iPhone can be your most valuable tool to take command of your busy and varied schedule.


2) Study Buddy

Now that you have alleviated the concern of overusing your iPhone apps and running out of battery life, it's time to manage yourself. Study Buddy (Ezogo LLC) is an iPhone app designed to crack the whip and keep you on track. It monitors distractions that pull you away from your studies; recording, mapping, and graphing the amount of time you escape or are abducted. It has an alarm function as well, reminding you that break time is over. In a world with infinite distractions, the overall goal of this app is to improve your focus, thus keeping your own battery life running more efficiently.


3) iStudiez Pro

Okay... your phone is being efficiently managed, your time is being overseen, the next step is to effectively grapple with and master your busy and often irregular schedule. iStudiez Pro (Enfiero) is a one-step, easy to follow way to manage all the nooks and crannies or your hectic schedule. Not only will it keep track of all of your classes and appointments, it will help manage your projects and assignments, notifying you of important dates and deadlines. iStudiez Pro also lets you add supplemental data such as office hours, email addresses, notes, and phone numbers. It is essentially your brain, but more reliable. Of all the management apps in the Apple app store, iStudiez Pro is perfect for the bustling student.


4) iTunes U

This is a must have app for any student. This app gives you access to courses, lectures, and materials from universities worldwide. It is the best iPhone app for free educational content, both audio and video. If your university supports it, you can sign up for automatic downloads of courses you are taking, eliminating your need to remember one more thing on your todo list. You can also sign up for automatic downloads of other courses you are interested in for supplemental use.



5) Pages

Pages is a word processing app... essentially Microsoft Word. The most handy aspect is the various templates which allow you to create flyers, posters, reports, note cards, letters, and standard word documents. It is the only word document you will need. Make sure you have set up iCloud on your iPhone, and Pages will sync to all of your Mac devices. Pages will also link with Dropbox so you can share your documents with others.



6) Dropbox

Dropbox is a quick and painless way to share files with other classmates or professors. Dropbox allots you 2 free GB of space on it's site to store videos, photos, or written materials. It also alerts users as to when files are being shared. Other users do not have to have Apple apps or devices to receive your files, making it a very universal way to exchange information.




7) ReferenceMe

This app is just hands down super cool. Regardless of the subjects in your course load, who couldn't use an automatic bibliography creator!? Simply use your iPhone camera to scan the barcode of the book you are referencing and it automatically cites it. References can also be sent to whatever document you are working on from online sources. ReferenceMe allows you to create bibliographies in various approved styles. As far as cool iPhone apps for students go, this one is will be applicable throughout your education.



8) Evernote

Here is an amazingly proficient and all encompassing way to take notes. It not only allows you to take conventional notes, you can also take photos of information such as syllabuses, and tag them to their specific courses. It stores and organizes data in folders that you create. And perhaps most helpful, it works with iCloud to easily sync with all of your other Mac devices.




9) gFlashPro

gFlashPro is an iPhone app specifically designed to create flash cards. Using either Google Drive or gWiz itself, you can generate text, audio, and video flashcards on your iPhone. This is one of the top iPhone apps recommended to make preparing for a test or writing a paper clear and organized, no matter where you are throughout your busy day.




10) Numbers

Getting through college without being a spreadsheet aficionado is almost impossible. Numbers (Apple) is a must on your trip to the Apple app store. Numbers is easy to learn because it operates on the same principles as common spreadsheets, such as Microsoft Excel. It allows you to create data, tables, charts, graphs, and even import images. It even connects to iCloud, keeping all of your gadgets in the know.



11) Mint

Above and beyond all the best iPhone apps available, empowering students to kick butt and take names no matter the course load, most students still could use one more must have app. Do the words tight budget apply to you? Between tuition, books, and rent, there probably isn't much left in the coffer for extracurriculars. Mint (Mint Software) keeps track of all of your finances, allowing you to categorize and budget every need and want. After inputting your financial details (such as bank account, credit cards, loans, etc), Mint will automatically stay synced and up to date, classifying all of your transactions and informing you when you are nearing or overspending in any of your budgeted categories. Mint will also graph all of your expenses, making it painfully clear where all of your money is going. You can also set up automatic bill reminders, eliminating the need to keep track of yet one more thing.

As you approach your new school year, consider your iPhone to be your toolbox and regard iPhone apps as your tools. When you are searching the Apple app store, shop for the tools that will facilitate and sustain your ongoing success. Good luck!!

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