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Battery Recycling Program

Welcome to the Batteries4less.com battery recycling program. At Batteries4less, we provide you with convenient, no hassle battery recycling for your electronic devices. Our battery recycling program allows you to keep your electronic devices for the duration of their lifetime. Unless you are saddled to a Mac product such as an iPhone, you have the good fortune of suffering no headache whatsoever when your battery is at the end of its life (some macbooks do allow for battery exchange without shipping your device back to Apple). If you have been wondering how to dispose of batteries that no longer hold a charge, we can help you. And our battery recycling program is also a battery exchange program!! Batteries4less will give you a coupon code for 20% off a new battery when you recycle your old one with us.

Why battery recycling?

Please don't throw your old batteries away in the garbage. They are filled with chemicals and heavy metals that will leach into the soil at landfills (see attached table below for details of heavy metals in batteries). Once batteries begin to break down in the environment, they have tremendously negative and long term damaging effects to not only soil, but ground water as well. If you throw your battery away, know that it will eventually pollute. Incinerating batteries is also extremely deleterious to the environment as it pollutes the air as well as the soil and water ways. At Batteries4less.com, we care deeply about minimizing the environmental impact of these chemicals on our world as much as possible. Battery recycling is an easy way to reduce the negative impact of our technology on our planet.

To thank you for being a responsible technology owner and keeping your old batteries out of our landfills, Batteries4less.com is offering you a battery exchange program. Just send us your old battery and we will give you a coupon code for 20% off of the new one.

What if when your battery no longer works, you decide to upgrade your device to a new one that takes a different battery? No problem, just send us the old battery so that we can dispose of it responsibly and we will still consider it a battery exchange, giving you 20% off of a battery for your new device.


It's easy! There are just 2 steps.

First, go to batteries4less.com and place your order for the new battery. We are so appreciative of your choice to dispose of your battery safely that to thank you, we are giving you 20% off of not only your new battery, but off of every item you order at that time. If you are getting a new device altogether, check out our huge supply of accessories, everything from chargers to cases to head sets for 20% off!! At checkout, use the coupon code RECYCLE to receive your discount.

Next, mail your old battery to us. Place it in an envelope addressed to:


Attn: Battery Recycling Program

1020 Whispering Pines Suite F

Grass Valley, CA 95945

The question of how to dispose of batteries properly is part of our modern reality. We intend on making it as convenient and affordable as possible for you. Lets work together to be accountable to each other and to future generations. Thank you for participating!!

For more information on battery recycling and safe disposal, check out these links:





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