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5 Ways To Extend iPhone 5s Battery Life

Just got yourself the new iPhone? Congrats! Walking out of the store with a new iPhone is sooo satisfying. You are the 1%... you can do anything and everything all at the same time now, right!? Unfortunately not because while iPhones continue to evolve with each new release, one thing remains consistent - the battery is not replaceable, and that is extremely limiting. Unless and until Apple makes their products with conveniently exchangeable batteries, iPhone battery life will always be an issue.


The new iPhone 5s does have a larger battery and thus a longer battery life than the iPhone 5. The jump from 1440mAh to 1570mAh affords you an increase of approximately 45 minutes of talk time and 5 hours of stand by. But that seriously depends on how many functions your phone is performing at once as well as the amount of battery life each function requires. With the increase in amazingly fun and useful apps available, batteries are being drained quicker, constantly, and often unnecessarily.

Here are 5 tricks to help you get the most out of your iPhone 5s battery life:


1) Turn off or adjust applications running in the background:

iPhone battery life isn't only drained by the phone calls you make, the texts you send, and the games you play. Your new iPhone 5s has mad multitasking skills. Even when you are not using your phone, it is running multiple applications in the background. Here are some examples of what could be draining your battery unbeknownst to you, and how to stop the bleeding:


a) AirDrop: Your new iPhone 5s comes with a fun and convenient application called Airdrop. Airdrop is only useful when you are near someone else who has airdrop and want to share files or photos. However, unless you set it otherwise, it is always in "discoverable" mode and thus draining your battery. Turning AirDrop off when it is not in use is one way to save iPhone battery life.


b) Many apps that are not being used are still refreshing and downloading data. If you go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh, you can pick and choose the applications you would like to run in the background and which ones you do not want to automatically refresh. Make it specific to your daily needs.


c) Apps are constantly being updated by developers. They add cool features and take out unwanted bugs and glitches. Often updating apps can save unnecessary battery drain. However, the task of updating each app is very power consuming. If apps are allowed to update automatically and whenever, it makes it hard to manage your iPhone battery life. This is a surprise you don't want. It is best to set your iPhone 5s to manually update each app so you can choose moments to download upgrades when your battery life is not tenuous or you are near a charger. Simply go to Settings > iTunes & App Store > Automatic Downloads, and turn off both the "updates" and "apps" setting. If you turn off "use cellular data" as well, your phone will accept downloads only when you are connected to Wi-Fi.


d) Make sure applications that are not in use are actually not being used. Many apps do not shut down completely, even though it appears that they are closed. When applications are dormant, they can use up a lot of battery life. To make sure an app is actually shut down, swipe upward on it.


2) Turn off settings not being used:

Like with applications running in the background, settings can also be running inefficiently and eating up valuable battery life.


a) "Frequent Locations" is an excellent place to save unnecessary battery drain. Your new iPhone 5s keeps track of where you are and provides you with information about locations that you frequent. This can be fun but is far from necessary, and it requires a significant amount of battery life. To turn off Frequent Locations, go to Settings > Privacy >Location Services > System Services > Frequent Locations, and switch it off. While you are there, "Clear History" to expunge any information that is already taking up your iPhone's memory.


b) There are other easy places to save iPhone 5s battery life. The new iPhone 5s has a motion sensor that detects your movement and adjusts the look of your icons accordingly. It makes the icon look slightly more impressive, but the price is consistent battery drain. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion, and turn it on.


c) Siri...who doesn't love her. Relax, I wouldn't dare suggest you disable Siri. But she comes with a really feature called "Raise To Speak" that, although super cool, is not necessary and drains your iPhone 5s battery life. "Raise To Speak" is a sensor that is always working to determine if the phone is near your face, waiting to have a conversation with Siri. To disable, go to Settings > General > Siri > Raise to Speak. Note that if you turn off this automatic function, you must hold down the "Home" button to talk to Siri.


d) One more setting that can be manually optimized to save iPhone 5s battery life is your "Notification" settings. Your iPhone 5s is set up to notify you of everything from emails to texts to photo to app updates. All the notifications you get throughout the day can add up to battery drain. You can manually pick and choose what you feel are important events to be notified of and what you can check manually when you need. Go to Settings > Notification Center, and check out the list of different applications that alert you when there is a message. Mute low-priority alerts by choosing "none" under "alert style".


e) Location settings can also be disabled when not in use. Keeping GPS on at all times drains your iPhone 5s battery in two ways. Not only is your iPhone constantly working to update your location, but ads are also being generated and displayed as your location shifts. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services, and turn it off.


f) Push email means new data will be pushed to your iPhone 5s from the server when possible. This is a wonderful feature if you need your emails instantly. However, if you are not in dire need of receiving each and every email the second it comes in, you can adjust your settings so that your phone is not scanning for emails all day long. You can set your iPhone 5s to retrieve new emails on a schedule instead, stopping unnecessary drain on your battery life. Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar > Fetch New Data. Simply turn off the "Push" option. Then go to the "Fetch" option and set your own schedule. If you have multiple email accounts that your phone keeps track of, you can go to advanced settings and adjust each email account individually for either "Push" or "Fetch".


3) External battery packs or cases with battery packs:

iPhone battery life on the new iPhone 5s is finite...it just is. So be smart. If you require a lot from your iPhone and are not able to charge it throughout the day, save yourself the hassle and the worry of managing yet one more thing. External battery packs and cases are a full proof way of having your own back (include link to b4l appropriate page here). External battery packs for your iPhone 5s can give you as many as 6 to 8 extra charges depending on the capacity of the battery pack you purchase. Solar chargers are also available. Besides being super cool, as long as there is light, they give you an infinite amount of extra charges and can hold an addition 1 1/2 charges in reserve. A third option is a rechargeable battery case, which is a case-and-battery-in-one that your iPhone 5s fits into. This alternative provides you with an additional 1 1/2 charges throughout the day without having to carry around any additional hardware...it can still fit in your pocket. The convenience and security of carrying around additional iPhone battery life can not be underscored.

4) Stop checking it constantly:

Chill out...take a deep breath...look around you. Enjoy being untethered for longer periods of time. Every time you check your phone to see what kind of immediate and entertaining distraction it can provide in contrast to just being where you are, you wake up multiple functions that drain your battery. See if you can't put the monkey down more often, saving your iPhone battery life for when you actually need it.

5) Change the amount of time your iPhone 5s stays on untouched before shutting off:

Your iPhone 5s is set to stay on a specified amount of time after use before the screen turns off. Setting the amount of time between use and when the display sleeps can significantly save your battery life. When the display is on for several minutes unnecessarily after each use, it can drain a significant amount of battery life with no benefit to you. To shorten the amount of time your phone stays on after each use, go to Settings > General > Auto Lock. Pick the preference that works best for you.


Even though the new iPhone 5s battery life is limited, the phone itself is extremely malleable, and with a little thought and effort, you can mold it to accommodate your daily life.

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