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Compaq Presario NX9100 Battery
Compaq HP 371914-001 Laptop Replacement Battery
Qty: Our Low Price $96.16
Compaq Presario NX9100 Battery
Replacement for HP / Compaq OEM Laptop Battery Part Number: 383963-001, 383966-001, 380443-001, 374762-001, 346971-001, 350836-001, 371915-001, 371916-001, DP390A, DP399A, HSTNN-DB02, HSTNN-DB03, HSTNN-DB04, HSTNN-DB14, HSTNN-IB03, HSTNN-IB14, HSTNN-Q08C, PP2200, PP2210, 346970-00, DP399A, HSTNN-IB0, HSTNN-IB04, HSTNN-UB02, R3247US, R3249EA

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Compaq Presario NX9100 Battery - (R3000-8) 8 Cell, 4400mAh Details:
This Battery Replaces: DQ-DP390A-8, 383965-001, 371914-001, 346970-001, 371913-001, 378858-001, DP399A-8, HSTNN-DB03-8, HSTNN-DB04-8, HSTNN-DB14-8, HSTNN-IB03-8, HSTNN-IB04-8, HSTNN-IB14-8, HSTNN-Q08C-8, PP2200-8, PP2210-8
Battery Type: LiION
Battery Capacity: 4400mAh
Weight: 548 grams
Battery Color: Black
Battery SKU: BTLTCQ-371914001-ALI01
Retail Price: $120.95
Our LOW Price: $96.16
Order Qty:  
Compaq Presario NX9100 Battery - (R3000-8) 8 Cell, 4400mAh Compatibility:
Laptop Series: This battery fits the following Compaq laptop models:
Compaq Business Notebook NX9100 Business Notebook NX9100, Business Notebook NX9105, Business Notebook NX9110
Compaq Presario NX Presario NX9100, Presario NX9105, Presario NX9600
Compaq Presario R Presario R3000, Presario R3200, Presario R4000, Presario R4225CA
Compaq Presario X Presario X6000
HP Pavilion ZD Pavilion ZD8000, Pavilion ZD8110US
HP Pavilion ZV Pavilion ZV5000, Pavilion ZV5227, Pavilion ZV6000, Pavilion ZV6100
HP Pavilion ZX Pavilion ZX5000

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